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Showbiz Diary: Actress Vani Kapoor Targets Bikini Trolls

Actress Wani Kapoor is new to the industry right now, but not so new that she needs a special accolade, but a photo of her on social media this week made her a target of trolls rather than praise.

The recent hit movie 'War' with Rathik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's heroine Wani posted a picture of herself in a bikini on social media which was not liked by many.

On social media, people have described Vani Kapoor as 'unhealthy' and advised that they should respect the sentiments of Ram's devotees.

One user wrote, "If you cannot respect Hindu Gods, at least do not disrespect them."

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After all the uproar, Vani Kapoor had taken that picture out of social media but he had not yet made it clear what he had in mind when filming the photo.

This week, actor and philosopher Farhan Akhtar was particularly angry with the Indian Censor Board.

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In fact, the Censor Board has ordered the blurring of bottles of wine and glasses filled with wine in Christian Bale and Matt Damon's film, Ford Wars Ferrari.

Farhan Akhtar found this outrageous and wrote on his social media account: 'Now is not the day when only scripts will be read in cinema halls.

Farhan said that why do Indian adults are considered so naive or stupid that they cannot decide for themselves what is right or wrong.

The film 'Ford Wars Ferrari' is already in the news due to the great performances of its main characters and there are talk of being nominated for an Oscar.

Singer and composer Anu Malik finally broke their silence over the allegations leveled against them.

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In a post on Instagram, Eno Malik strongly denied all allegations of sexual harassment against her.

In his statement he wrote that I had been accused of a sin I had never committed.

He wrote that I was silent until now that the truth would come out on my own, but now I started to realize that my silence was being considered my weakness.

Anu Malik also wrote that the baseless allegations against me have not only ruined my reputation and my family's peace and calm, but I have also suffered from depression.

He said that if the charges against him were not stopped, he would knock on the court.

Singer Sona Mahapatra and Shweta Pandit had allegedly accused Anu Malik of sexual harassment and all of this started with accusations and retaliation on social media.

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