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Investigation against US President Trump: 'This phone call has changed everything'

The investigation into US President Trump's impeachment has become the new pain point for the Republican Party.

A top diplomat revealed during the proceedings that President Donald Trump had openly spoken about the Democratic Party's probe into Ukraine against its presidential contender.

Acting US ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, told the Investigative Committee of the Inquiry that an official on his staff was told that President Trump desperately wanted an investigation against Biden.

President Trump says he doesn't remember having ever said such a thing. They deny any kind of irregularity.

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The US president is accused of withholding military aid to Ukraine to force the newly elected president of Ukraine to launch an investigation into allegations of corruption against Biden's son.

President Trump calls the US House of Representatives an investigation into the president's impeachment as a "revenge action."

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday's hearing provided evidence of bribery against President Trump. He said the move by Donald Trump has damaged US security.

What did Trump say?

Bill Taylor said in his detailed statement that an officer on his staff had heard a phone call from President Trump asking President Trump about an investigation against Joe Biden's son.

The conversation over the phone was with US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunderland, who spoke to the president over the phone from a restaurant saying that the Ukrainian government is ready to do so.

Taylor said that when US Ambassador Sunderland's staff inquired about the phone conversation with the president about what President Trump thinks of Ukraine, he said that President Trump had no idea about Biden. The investigation is more concerned.

Meanwhile, observers and former security officials have pointed out that calling a restaurant can be quite dangerous.

When President Trump was asked about Sunderland earlier this month, he said he hardly knew anyone.

Speaking to media representatives, President Trump said, "I do not know anything about this. This is the first time I've been hearing this."

The president said he did not remember anything about the phone call that Taylor had spoken to and it was, in any case, unwarranted information.

The prosecution investigation against President Trump has been underway for a month, but all previous investigations were conducted in a closed room and all reports were based on information coming from outlets or sources.

Wednesday's hearings were open for the first time in which the American people listened directly to witnesses. Democrats and members of the Republican Party also had their first chance to please their voters.

There were reports about a direct phone line between President Trump and Sunderland, but there was no evidence linking President Trump to the alleged bargaining.

Taylor said this phone call has changed everything.

During Wednesday's hearing, the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee announced that a new witness would record his statement at a closed-room meeting on Friday and that his name was David Holmes, who is reportedly a prominent Taylor man.

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Next week, Sunderland is scheduled to appear in an open hearing.

If these two witnesses confirm Bill Taylor's statement, then the stance of President Trump supporters will be weakened as Bill Taylor stated that Ukraine was being pressured to probe Biden.

This is a satisfying development for the Democrat, while new pains have become a headache for the president's team.

What happened at the hearing?

The hearing on Wednesday began with the statement of US Ambassador to European Affairs George Kent.

He told the committee that President Trump's personal lawyer, Roddy Giuliani, campaigned to discredit Marie Yuvinovich, the US ambassador to Ukraine.

Bill Taylor then reiterated what he had said in closed-room hearings before, but also told him something new at the open-air hearing.

Bill Taylor is a professional diplomat who has been an ambassador for the presidency of both the Republican and Democratic parties. He reiterated that the Trump administration had threatened to withhold military aid to Ukraine if he did not announce an investigation against Biden.

He said he told Sunderland and Kurt Walker, who served as special envoy to the United States in Ukraine, that it was crazy to stop military aid for indoor politics.

Adam Chef, who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is leading the hearing, saying the purpose of the investigation against President Trump is to find out if the president has misused his powers in US internal political affairs. Invites other countries to intervene.

They raised the question, if this is not the basis of the motion then what is it?

Dwayne Nunes, a senior Republican member of the Intelligence Committee and a staunch supporter of President Trump, called the hearing a drama.

Members of the Republican Party demand that this unidentified officer be presented for a closed-room hearing, which revealed the matter, which led to the hearing of the motion.

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