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Floods in Italy: Six-foot-high flood waves submerge tourist city Venice, emergency enforcement

Emergency has been imposed following a flood in the Italian city of Venice, known worldwide for health.

After the biggest meltdown in the last five decades, 80% of Venice has been inundated.

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has described the flood as 'a blow to the heart of the country'. He said that the government would work fast to provide funds and resources.

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After visiting the flooded areas on Wednesday, he wrote in his post on Facebook: "It is hurt to see the damage done to the city, the city's artistic heritage has been damaged while the commercial activities are closed."

The height of the water waves was recorded at 1.87 meters or up to six feet, according to the agency responsible for monitoring the mud. The highest wave height was 1.94 meters for the last time in 1966.

Photos from the aftermath of the Venice storm show that the famous tourist destination is completely underwater and people can be seen flooded.

According to AFP, many museums were closed on Thursday.

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St. Mark's Square, the poorest place in Venice, has been the worst hit. According to available records, St. Mark's Basilica has been inundated for the sixth time in the past 12 centuries.

This is the fourth time in the last 20 years that a flood situation has occurred, said Perpolo Campestini, a member of the St. Mark's Council.

The city of Venice contains more than 100 islands within a lake off the northeast coast of Italy.

Two people have been killed in the island of Palestrina. One person was struck by a current when he tried to run a pump in his house while the other's body was found in another area.

Venice Mayor Luigi Broganaro says: 'The situation is very dramatic. We appeal to the government for help. The loss will be enormous. It is the epicenter of climate change. '

People all over the city are barely running in the flood waters.

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Many businesses are affected. Tables and chairs are seen floating in flood waters outside several restaurants and eateries.

Shoppers are trying to protect their goods from flood water to avoid further damage to shops.

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Three aquatic buses are submerged in Venice, but tourists continue their tourism in these conditions.

A French couple told the news agency AFP that they were 'effectively swimming' after some wooden platforms were overturned in flood-hit areas around the city.

A plan to protect the city from floods has been under consideration since 2003, but now the project is subject to scandals and delays due to rising costs.

As a result of this project many floating gates are to be built in the city to keep the city safe from high waves.

Italy received heavy rains on Tuesday, while bad weather is forecast in the coming days.

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